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David Johnson

David Johnson

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06/11/15 11:10 AM #1    

Pat McCoy

Dave and I were never really close in school, but I did spend some time with him at his folks ranch west of Red Bluff. I remember Dave as a very bright but humble and cheerful person with so much potential. I also recall that his older brother died tragically in a bicycle accident while attending school at Chico State. Dave and I happen to share a bit of interesting history according to my mother, who was a Montgomery and grew up on a sheep ranch not far from the Johnson place [some of you might remember the old Montgomery Fire Lookout at my grandfather's place. According to my mother, my grandfather and Dave's grandfather, had talks about marriages between their children. My grandfather had 5 daughters and no sons, while Dave's grandfather apparently had 5 sons. The marriages between the Johnson's and Montgomery's never happened. But Dave still felt a bit like family to me and I certainly miss him and the rest of his family that have passed on. 

06/13/15 09:45 PM #2    

Rosanne Smith (Hansen)

Hi gang!  I remember Dave Johnson well, also.  He had a subtle and slightly goofy sense of humor that was just fun.  Wayne and I were Best Man and Matron of Honor at his wedding and saw him often when we were all lliving in and around Oroville.  I still think of him and his brother, Olie.  Their mom and dad were a hoot.  What happened to the younger brother, Curtis?  Last I heard he was living on the home  place and playing music through ourside speakers for the sheep.  Wow!  

06/14/15 01:15 PM #3    

Don McKechnie

Dave was a great guy and had a built in smile.  When ever I saw him I felt better.  Never told him... Dang!

03/22/17 07:13 PM #4    

Richard Rasmussen

Dave was really funny.  I'll never forget what he said, fairly loudly, at the boys' "hygiene" assembly when the speaker, a gym teacher from Chico State, asked if we were willing to sacrifice our futures for ten minutes of pleasure, presumably in the back seat of a car.  For those of you who don't remember or who were unfairly excluded from the assembly because of gender, I'll be available for questions at the 55th reunion

Dave was very smart, as were his older brother and sister.   He also had a remarkable talent:  He could get bitten by anything.  Our sweet little cocker spaniel Penny, who barely bit her food, took a nip at him.   Willie Wump Wump, Mr. Yeoman's alligator, bit him.  A lab rat bit him.  An alligator lizard, which he had caught and brought to school, bit him and wouldn't let go.  I witnessed those four bites, but Dave said other critters had bitten him, including a mean little girl from Reeds Creek.

We lost Dave way too soon.

03/23/17 04:22 PM #5    

Don McKechnie

iI recall that lecture and the joke about how they chose the ruler of Bangcock!  Or maybe that was the football dinner.  Jeeze  I can't remember anything.


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